Import Demo Data Using One-click Install Sample Data

One-Click import demo content is now available!

Once our theme has been installed and Activate all required plugins. To import demo content, go to your WP admin dashboard and navigate to Dike > Dashboard

You will need to install and activate all of the required plugins Before begin to import sample data

Click Install from Sample data tab

There will be a notice before continue import process, please pay attention to this notice. Once you already understand and checked the checkbox, the importing process will be continued

Alternatively, by default, the demo home page 01 will be your front-page. If you want to set default layout among all of the layout presets, check on Extend Settings check box to select your desired layout then Continue. The selected home layout will be your home page once the import proceed.

NOTE: Don’t close the current working window and wait until everything is finished, or the theme’s data might be corrupt due to the operation breaking.


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